Why did i become a christian?

Well, honestly when i became a christian in 1987 i  finaly realized that i had found the truth i was looking for. I had been searching my whole entire life but not finding any real answers . And yes, i had many many questions! I grew up being teased and harrased as a kid and made fun of etc.. so, I basicaly had tried every other belief system i could get a hold of!I tried the martial arts scene for a while, thinking it would "enlighten" me by doing physical exercise and meditations. but that didnt work! Before that i had absolutely no beleifs at all. I hate to say it but yes, i was an athiest! Even though something made me always wonder about god, at the same time always thought to myself. what if he dousnt exist? Would my life be wasted? would beleivng in him and then one day "poof" its all just over and i'm out of exisitence? Then, i tried the heavy metal and rock music scene. a lot of what i was listening to was verry satanic confused and demonic in origin. It was a  verry confusing time for me because allthough mostly bad there was some truth mixed into thier lyrics.Then a breakthrough happened.        A verry dearbest  friend of mine suggested that i listen to this chrIsitian rock band named "STRYPER". Well It was utterly fascinating to me! a Heavy metal rock musIc for god? i never could have beleived it! i started listening to them and what their music preached lyricaly and i wanted to be just like them! I Then i purchased my first christian album    "IN GOD WE TRUST". After listening to it i was hooked!  Shortly after that said the sinners prayer and i gave my life over to jesus christ! That was the  major turning point in my life that changed everything! Soon i started to purchase many more of their great albums and discovered other great christian metal bands too.I started reading the bible and preaching to my fellow teens in highschool! Yes i was an "in your face" charged and spirit filled christian! Nowdays, i am much more laid back and knowlegable but ive learned so verry much! Its been a real long journey these years but the coolest thing is, it was never a fad to me!  I had FINALY found what i had been desperatly searching for! and I havn't looked back since! I guess when you suddenly find the truth,  it stares  deep into your eyes!  and your never the same again!


Because the truth as they say ...

will set you free!!

After all the years and trials, the one thing i can and always will say is just this..

Thank you God! and thank you  for saving me! Jesus!!



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