You have probably seen them maybe once or twice.You know,the friendly smiling faces knocking at your door? We have all probably been visited by these unasuming well dressed individuals . But behind the kind words and well mannered speaking there is a dark side to their message. Lets take the Jehovas Witnesses Cult "for example". They will Boldly claim that they beleive in Jesus Christ and yet then claim in tier pamphlets that he was only an angel of god? They will hand you these verry colorfull seemilgly truthfull literature that looks interesting but is filled with mis-truths speculations and utter blasphemies against the trinity of god! They will seem to mean well and are usualy kind but verry verry persisitent. They have been so bold to even return to homes numerous times even after its made perfectly clear they are not wanted!  They insist that what they are saying is true and realy beleive it!

But lets get deaper into this issue, the truth is any "False" religion or Cult will have several warning signs that you must look out for and avoid.

1. They will limit the people you can see and places "members" can go to.

2. They will not allow contact with non "members" of their group.

3. They will isolate themselves from society, its rules and regulations.

4. They will beleive that they are the only truth and whatever others say are lies.

5.They will have control over all aspects of thier members lives.

Allthough they may seem determined, sincere, kind and honest, the truth is what they beleive in is not acurate to what the bible says and teaches. The versions of thier so called "bibles" have been re-wrote by men and are not representative of the true beleifs that god would like us to adhere to. The king james version of the bible is probably the most acurate and truthfull version of the bible that you should be reading so stick with that.



a great site with tons of info..


a great video that goes into detail..

 1. New World Translation

2. The book of Mormon                                                           

3. The Talmud                                                                            

4.The Satanic Bible                                                                      

5. anything with "Watchtower" on it

6. Witchcraft/Wicca

7. Shamanist ,Native american

8. New world order

9. New wave movement
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